About Green River Writers Workshop

Gerry and Lorry and I have been friends and fellow writers since we met in New Mexico in the 1960’s.

We have collaborated on books, taught together at Windsor Mountain School in Lenox, Massachusetts, shared the raising of nieces and nephews and many late night glasses of wine.

We have a deep respect for each other and share a love of writing and mentoring.

Eight years ago I stood in a field of wild iris in a mountain meadow in New Mexico, wondering what next step to take in my teaching/coaching/mentoring/writing career and the image of Gerry and Lorry, established writers living on an island on the west coast of Florida, came to me.

I called them that night and said, “It’s time for us to give a writers workshop together.”

July 2008 we held the first Green River Writers Workshop at Pendarais Resort in Rociada, New Mexico. Since then we have held yearly workshops in Las Vegas, New Mexico as well as workshops in Sacramento, California and Fredericksburg, Texas.

Both novice and experienced writers attend the workshops. Many travel long distances to attend, some, like me, grew up in New Mexico. Everyone comes with an itch, a curiosity about writing and about themselves. For four days we work hard at helping each one find their own voice and writing style.

So here is the question for you:
Do you want to write?
Do you have a story that wants to be told?
Do you ever dream of turning your memories into stories?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you will want to join us for a Green River Writers Workshop.

In 2012 we published the first Green River Anthology, a collection of stories and poems by eleven of our attendees. The front cover is a painting by Nancy Bush, award winning artist from Fredericksburg, Texas who attended our first workshop.

Green River Anthology is available through Amazon or by contacting carney.aw@gmail.com.


Some of our attendees recently published in magazines and journals. Here are some examples:

M.M. Adjarian, “Sister Moon” EmptySinkPublishing.

Sherry Stonebrook, The Garden (Oasis 2014)

Diana Landau, Dead Snakes. 


Books published by some of our workshop authors

“I got a group discussion about writing, storytelling, and publishing. I also got many insights into the business of writing, marketing, and editing I also got a very good sense of pace, voice, and ways to maintain readers’ interest. I would like to attend more workshops like this in the future.”
Mark W., Chicago

“I got truthful feedback on my writing. I was able to see my writing a whole other way, and I learned good ways to inspire myself.”
Soren J., New Mexico