Twelfth Annual Memoir Writing Workshop "Turning Memory into Story" 
July 11-14, 2019

Green River Writers workshops are unique—they push you to write more and expand your skills in an environment that is intimate, supportive, and non-competitive. We provide writers of all levels of experience with the opportunity to explore the crafts of writing and storytelling.

Loretta Hausman, Gerry Hausman, and Alice Winston Carney.

Twelfth Annual Memoir Writing Workshop
"Turning Memory into Story"

July 11-14, 2019
 Location: the historic Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, New Mexico
Begins 7 pm Thursday and ends 4 pm Sunday
$290 for registration by June 1; $330 after June 1.
(room and board not included)
Workshop limited to 14. Fills early.

Using memory as a starting point, Green River Writers Workshops focus on the craft of storytelling through memoir, fiction, historical writing, and poetry. Both experienced and beginning writers are welcome.

Writers often know what they want to write, but have rarely been introduced to the actual skills of writing. During the workshop we work on both previously written pieces and new work, always asking the question, “Why does a reader put down one book and keep reading another?” Our daily focus is on the craft of writing a story.




 *Green River Writers Workshops are held in Las Vegas, New Mexico, not Nevada.

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Alice Winston Carney.

Hermit's Peak Press is proud to present original voices of northern New Mexico.

 A Cowgirl in Search of a Horse by Alice Winston Carney 
Available at and Hermit's Peak Press

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". . .In this collection of stories, A Cowgirl in Search of a Horse, Alice Winston Carney blends just the right amount of realism with childhood wonder, as we listen to the voice of a young girl acquaint us with simpler times growing up in a small town out west. . ."
Martha Meacham Story Circle Network Review



"Her language is gently poetic and fits each age she is remembering, and never looks down from an adult height. If you want to re-enter your own childhood in your own town with your own unique household of characters then read this story of hers and your head will swim with things you haven't enjoyed thinking of in a long time." 
J. Carpenter

“I got all that I expected and more. I got insight into things I had never noticed in my writing before. I got a new path and new resolve. More than anything, I got direction.”
JoAnn S., New York

“I got more than I thought I would. Thank you. Great people, great feedback, great spiritual energy, insights. I wish the workshop had been longer.”
Maude A., Texas


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